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    Embodied Customer Support

    Thanks for the question! We continue to work on the parent app and hope to expand on the functionality but do not have a timeframe for this request. These are all great suggestions that I’ll pass along to the team.

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    Danielle Wallace

    I'd also like to encourage that birthday's added in the Events result in Moxie also doing the birthday song/dance. Right now, only the child's birthday being set results in that event getting the birthday song and dance. It would be nice for all birthdays to get that behavior with the person's name mentioned.

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    Joe Corbett

    I just want to add to this thread and say that it would be ideal for custom event to be added outside of three options. For example, it would be nice if Moxie could handle things like play dates, family gatherings, trips to (zoo/aquarium/park/etc.). I understand the need for rigidity so that Moxie can pull from her predefined script but asking something generic would be great. Even if Moxie just mentioned it and asked if they were looking forward to it and then moved on that would be enough.


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