Can Moxie Know multiple people?



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    Hi David, great question! Moxie is currently designed to provide a special one-on-one individualized experience for a child, so Moxie is designed to only recognize its special primary user – its designated “robot mentor”. We focused our efforts on building this to be a truly unique interaction experience with natural conversation flow, personalized memory, and insights in our parent app on a child's cognitive, social, and emotional developmental goals. So while Moxie may still respond if other children or family members speak to it, it will pair with a specific child and will personalize the experience for that special primary user.

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    My toddler is obsessed with trying to talk with Moxie but Moxie is for my 7 year old. I think it's hard for Moxie to focus when there is so much noise from her baby sister.


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