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    Embodied Customer Support

    Hi Brian! Thank you so much for your feedback. Let's see if we can tackle some of your questions. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any problems or need more in depth explanations.

    Would Moxie be able to access the weather for the area and possibly talk about weather and how it impacts mood and activities?
    - We currently use location services to help with setting up Wi-Fi during the initial setup. Moxie would not be able to access local weather information. However, we can submit it as a feature request.

    Moxie seems unaware that another is in the room that is not the child.
    - Moxie is currently designed to provide a special one-on-one individualized experience for a child, so Moxie is designed to only recognize its special primary user – its designated “robot mentor”. Moxie may still respond if other children or family members speak to it, though it will pair with a specific child and will personalize the experience for that special primary user.

    Is Moxie capable of basic awareness that an object is being held up to Moxie’s face?
    - Moxie's camera is intended to look for facial recognition points and cannot currently identify objects. If your child wants to talk to Moxie about their toy or another object, we suggest entering Moxie Chat by saying "Moxie let's chat". Your child can then talk to Moxie about their toy.

    Is it possible to see a short summary of the conversation topic that is listed in the parent app?
    - I recommend looking at our Parent Guides as they have descriptions of each of our mission themes. All of our Parent Guides are available in our support site here.
    - You can find a break down of the insights on the parent app at this link.
    - The Global Robotics Laboratory, GRL for short, lists all of the stories that Moxie will read to your child. You can access them under the Story Circle section here. You will want to link the parent app with the GRL portal in order to unlock each story as they will unlock once Moxie reads it to your child.

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